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Put the Brakes on These Sales-Killing WordsPeople love RVs. You see it in their eyes the second they hit the lot. They may have been dreaming about this moment during many long hours spent sitting behind a desk. The open road beckons and their home is about to grow wheels. The last thing an RV dealer wants to do at this stage is toss a wrench into a potential customer’s plans. Yet that’s exactly what some sales professionals do when they try to talk about deals before they talk about dreams.

Start by looking at the sale from the customer’s point of view. You’ll increase the effectiveness of your online and in-store sales strategy if you teach your sales staff magic words to use and trigger words to avoid.

Vision Words and Brake Words

Words that help customers rev up their vision of tomorrow include:

  • freedom
  • spontaneous
  • outdoors
  • road trips
  • lifestyle
  • forgotten America

On the other hand, words that tend to slam on the brakes include:

  • best deal anywhere
  • low price today only
  • it will be gone tomorrow
  • there are some other interested buyers

High pressure, used car sales techniques will only drive away these careful consumers. Forget about the commission for a moment and think about building a relationship with the prospect. You need a strong foundation in a deal this size to convert casual shoppers into serious customers.

Mobile Real Estate Agent

Remember that in your role as an RV sales specialist, you act as a mobile real estate agent. Your customers need help selecting a new home. It’s up to you to present them with a clear picture regarding what it will feels like to actually live in their new (or used) RV. Focus on the fact that the happy memories to come will help buyers endure the bumps in the road destiny has in store for them. Help them get started on the journey by sharing some Rules of the Road for RV Newbies, such as advice on how far to drive in a day without getting too tired. Words of wisdom like these prove to the customer that you wish them the best on their adventures and care about their experiences well after they pull off the lot.

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