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Writing A Thank You EmailSending a thank you email after you make a sale is a good way to show the customer that you care and could even improve your chances of winning repeat business. The following tips can help you write a thank you email that leaves a customer with a great impression of you and your organization.

Know When to Send a Thank You Email

If you want to thank a customer for a particular purchase, send the email within a few days of the sale. You can also send thank you notes to your loyal repeat customers at particular times of year, such as Thanksgiving or New Year’s, to remind them about your company. If you send seasonal thank you emails, it’s probably best to send just one each year, rather than marking the passing of every minor holiday.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Avoid making your thank you note too long or verbose. The purpose of the note is simply to thank the customer for their purchase and show that you care about their satisfaction. It’s not an excuse to throw in a long sales pitch or bombard the customer with pressure to buy again. Stick to a couple of paragraphs at the most.

Proofread Your Thank You Email

Writing a sloppy thank you email that contains spelling or grammatical mistakes can make you come across as unprofessional and uncaring. It’s fine to use informal language if that fits with your company culture, but steer away from anything that could cause offense. Always proofread your email carefully before you hit send so you can be sure there are no typos, spelling errors or awkward phrasing in your email.

Add a Personal Touch

Give your email extra impact by personalizing it to your client. For example, if you really enjoyed working with a client on a particular project, take the opportunity to mention it in your thank you email. Personalization shows your clients that you truly value them. At the very least, address each customer by name, rather than opening your email with a generic “Dear Customer.”

Taking the time to carefully craft thank you emails can help you to foster good relationships with your clients. Remember to pay attention to detail and add a personal touch to maximize the impact of your thank you email.


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