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Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing often helps all types of businesses attract and keep customers, but it can also be time consuming to undertake; remember to spend your time as efficiently as possible to deliver substantial results for your business. Use these basic social media marketing tips to give your next campaign a boost.

Know Where Your Audience Hangs Out

It’s important to know which social media platforms your customers use most often and to target your marketing efforts appropriately. What demographic are you trying to reach?. Are you looking to target men and women ages 50+? If so, you would more than likely want to market your brand on Facebook. Be sure to do your research on the demographics of key social media platforms to ensure you are maximizing your social media potential.

Fully Fill Out Your Social ProfilesSocial Media Marketing Tips

Social media users want to know they can trust your brand. Gain that trust by filling out your social profiles with copious information, such as your business’s name, address, contact details and a relevant photo. Include a link to your website so p eople can find out more details on who you are and what you can offer.

Tailor Your Message to the Platform

Content that is extremely popular on one social media platform can be a flop on another social site. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are great places to share eye-catching images, whereas Twitter requires you to express your message in a catchy tweet of no more than 140 characters. Facebook allows you to market your brand using a mixture of text, images and videos, although research suggests that pictures perform best. By choosing the right content for each platform, you can maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign.

Be Careful When You Share

As well as considering what you’re sharing on social media, you also need to think carefully about when you’re sharing it. Studies show that a majority of Facebook posts are published during the work week and engagement typically peaks on Thursday and Friday.  The ideal time to post is between 1 and 4pm. Meanwhile, Pinterest users are commonly night owls who are most active between 8 and 11 p.m.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Ask Your Followers What They Think

The purpose of social media marketing isn’t to bombard your followers with advertising messages; instead, aim to start conversations and build two-way relationships with your audience. Create posts that ask your followers to share their thoughts in comments or tweets, but don’t spam Facebook friends with requests for likes.  In fact, Facebook is cracking down on “like-baiting”.  These types of posts can drive engagement but studies show that readers find them 15% less relevant than other posted content with the same level of engagement.

Social media marketing can be extremely powerful. Follow these tips to maximize your marketing efforts, so you can make the most of your precious time online.



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