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Win Every SaleWith RV sales, every interaction with your customer, all the way from the specific words you use to the way you handle your body, impacts a sale. This influence often comes at the subliminal level, with environmental cues and suggestive speech making a huge difference. In order to get your sales message across, consider these strategies.

Use Your Environment

The environment you sell in has a huge impact on customers. If your RV dealership has flat-screen TVs, instead of just running a news channel, feature videos of different RVs traveling through nature and other scenic spots. If you play music, don’t just play a radio station. Instead, build a playlist that reminds people of travel and the open road (think Allman Brother – Ramblin Man). Research has shown that these types of cues can influence the customer and, for RV dealerships, help the customer picture themselves having their own adventures.

Use Truisms

One way to help customers understand you better is to use the strategy of stating a truism and then following it up with a suggestion. For example:Truism

  • Whenever you (truism), you need to (suggestion).
  • A (truism) usually means (suggestion).
  • If you were to (truism), then you should consider (suggestion).

With these type of phrases, you let the customer know something is almost universally true, such as, “When people travel in an RV, one of their top concerns is space, which is why I suggest this (model).” This works a lot better than, “I really like this model because it has a lot of space.” The first statement gives stronger evidence that goes beyond personal opinion.

Current Events

Current events affect customers in subtle ways, and it makes what you say more impactful. Try to incorporate both local and national news or trends. Do you know of any local or national state parks that are opening up RV camping spots? Do you know what the new trends in the RV community are? Do you know any recent stories that relate to your business? Share this information while you speak to a customer, and you’ll notice the difference.

Avoid Being Negative

There are also certain things you don’t want to do, and being negative is one of them. People tend to pick on negative thoughts and focus on them. For example, if you tell someone not to worry aboutPositivity mileage, the first thing they’re going to think about is how much they have to worry about the mileage. Instead, tell them that a particular RV model has a great track record of performing well over the years.

Ultimately, these types of techniques will help you win a sale every time.

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