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Shoestring budget

Running an RV dealership is rewarding. There aren’t many things better than getting paid to help people achieve their dream of traveling and making memories. To accomplish this, though, you must attract clients through effective marketing. And since huge advertising firms are not available to everyone, these marketing ideas can go a long way.

Get Involved with Event Marketing

Special Event badgeTaking part in local events has always been an affordable marketing method. If there’s an event where hundreds or thousands of people will be in attendance, make sure your dealership is present as well.

You might have to purchase a booth for this event, but the attention you’ll get is well worth the effort. You can also create an event within the event, such as a contest or giveaway. Integrate social media by offering incentives for people checking in at your booth. Do whatever it takes to get noticed.

Offer Referral Bonuses

Forbes once called word-of-mouth the most valuable form of marketing, and there’s good reason behind that. People trust their friends, so take advantage of that fact. Offer current RV customers an incentive to refer friends. Whether it’s a $100 bill if a new client mentions their name or one complimentary service, these little freebies go a long way.

Host an Online Contest

Enter To WinContest giveaways also garner attention, but remember to make them realistic. While you might get thousands of contest entries by offering a free RV, it won’t be very economical. However, offering a free rental, a hiking backpack or new travel gear, for instance, is well within the realm of possibility and will get you noticed while creating leads.

You can host a contest through social media or use websites like Rafflecopter.

Keep a Blog

Blogging is one of the most affordable and effective forms of content marketing. Host these posts on your website and write about things that interest travelers and RV owners. If you’re not a great writer or simply don’t have the time, outsource your articles to professional writers. If possible, see if you can invite experts or local personalities to write guest posts.

Utilize Social Media Marketing

Social Media ConnectingYou can log into Facebook right now and share anything for free. This makes social media marketing one of the most affordable yet effective methods of promotion. Just make sure your content motivates a person to share it.

These posts can be funny, inspirational or informational. Just always follow the 80-20 rule. For every directly promotional post you make, there should be four others that are related to RVs or similar subjects that aren’t “salesy.”

Effectively marketing your business doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. With the right strategies and a bit of commitment on your part, you can easily get the attention your dealership deserves.

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