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Social Media Lead Generation

Social media is an important tool for building brand awareness, but it is also a highly effective source for lead generation. Here are five ways that you can maximize the lead generation potential of your RV dealership’s social media accounts.

1. Make Your Website’s Images Pinterest-friendly

Get prospects to visit your website through Pinterest by featuring attractive, high-quality images, such as travel scenes, outstanding RV models and interesting road trips. Put these on both your Pinterest account and your website. Pinterest users will see your images in their feeds and, with a couple of simple clicks, they can end up on your landing page. Also, don’t forget to add a Pin It button to your website’s photos to make them easy to pin.

2. Add an Email Sign-up Prompt to Your Facebook Page

Newsletter sign-upIf you’re using MailChimp for your newsletter marketing, you can easily add a newsletter sign-up tab to your Facebook page. Doing so gives you another way of capturing more email addresses for lead generation. If you don’t use MailChimp, there are also a number of Facebook apps, such as this one by Aweber, that allow you to add a newsletter sign-up form that links to your CRM system of choice.

3. Invest in Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards

Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards is a paid strategy that allows customers to express interest in your business without having to leave Twitter or fill out a form. With a couple of clicks, the customer consents to share contact details, allowing you to follow up and potentially make sales. Lead Generation Cards can link up with numerous CRM systems, which makes building your leads database even easier.

4. Publish Content on Popular Outlets

New ContentWhile it’s important to publish content on your website, it’s also beneficial to publish content on popular, high-traffic outlets. Create business accounts on YouTube, Medium and Reddit to tap into their thriving communities by publishing content and interacting there. Content should always be interesting, so think of the needs and wants of your potential customers and create content around these topics. Popular topics that relate to RV sales include travel, road trips, destination guides, camp guides, honeymoons and post-retirement vacations.

5. Use LinkedIn to Establish B2B Leads

Connect with other businesses through LinkedIn. Networking can present you with opportunities to collaborate on projects with other RV dealers, gain new leads and access important industry information. You can create and foster long-term B2B leads by completing your LinkedIn profile and networking on a regular basis.

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