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Let’s face it – buying finance and insurance isn’t the most riveting thing your clients can do with their time. In fact, many of them dread sitting through drawn-out product presentations and having insider industry lingo tossed at them — it usually goes in one ear and out the other. Customers can get wowed in the showroom when they’re picking out a luxury RV and decking it out with extra bells and whistles. But when it comes to the add-on products, the luster sort of wears off.

There are a few reasons for this. For starters, the subject matter is much more technical. Protection plans and financing options aren’t nearly as enticing as video game monitors and kitchen cabinetry. You’re also faced with the task of bringing up all that could go wrong with the vehicle, such as breakdowns or car accidents. But the good news is there are a few tips that can help you get your customers more interested in F&I in order to boost your sales.

Keep It Short

Keep-It-ShortCustomers are excited about their new RV, not all the fine print that goes along with it. Make sure that you keep your product presentations short — under six or seven minutes if you can. Find shortcuts to explain everything and focus on how it will benefit the customer. It might take some time to perfect your elevator pitch, but trial and error will help you improve.

Be Transparent

You are required to disclose certain things to your customers, and many F&I salespeople think of this as a disadvantage. However, you can actually use this to your advantage if you jump right into it at the very start. Don’t run the risk of putting on a hard sell and then having customers back off when you get into the logistics with them. Lay it out on the table so that you start to build trust and credibility with them and then swoop in with the benefits of the add-ons.

Put a Positive Spin on It

Positive-SpinDon’t forget that customers need what you are selling. It’s good for them and will help them enjoy their new RV and feel safer in it. Make this the selling point of your presentation and don’t over complicate it.

Learn From Others Who Are Good at It

Competition can be a good thing. It means that someone else out there is having success, so you can too. Do a little research into others in your area who have a good reputation for F&I sales and find out what makes them stand out. It’s a great thing to be able to admit that you can learn from others.

Build Customer Rapport

Customer-RapportYour customers are more than just paperwork and a closed deal. While speaking with your customers, try to work on building a rapport with them. You can ask them a fewquestions about their driving habits and what their RV needs are in order get a better understanding of where they are coming from. Make them feel comfortable — it sounds simple, but offering them beverages and a snack while you chat can really help to put them at ease.

It’s up to you to get your customers interested in F&I and to realize the value in buying it. Follow these tips in order to put on a better presentation and make the process more enjoyable and productive for all parties involved.

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