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A trade show is a chance for your RV dealership to acquire new leads and potential customers, as well as network with other industry professionals. But simply showing up at the event isn’t going to magically result in a grand success. Follow these seven steps as an essential guideline to getting the most out of any trade show.

1. Know Your Budget

Trade shows can be more expensive than you might at first realize. Graphics, booth equipment, booth-building laborers, insurance, logistics, booth staff, transportation and travel are all costs associated with trade shows. Know your costs so that you can stay within budget.

2. Setting Up Your Space

When designing your booth area, consider the following:

  • trade show boothHow easy is it for tradeshow attendees to enter your area?
  • Are the main products easy to see from the perimeter?
  • Is your booth engaging; will it draw people in for more information?

You don’t want people to simply walk by — you can’t get new leads if you can’t engage the attendees. Don’t wall off your perimeter with podiums, desks, product displays or other apparatus. Make it easy for attendees to enter your area.

3. Present a Professional Booth

You don’t need to spend a fortune to present a professional booth, but don’t go the cheap route either. A quality booth will last you many tradeshows. You can also rent tradeshow equipment if you don’t plan on exhibiting very often.

Tip: Showcase products or graphics that are attractive and eye-catching, but don’t overdo it. The average tradeshow attendee will only glance at your booth for about 3-5 seconds. If they don’t see something that catches their eye, they’ll keep moving.

4. Use Friendly, Energetic and Knowledgeable Staff

friendly staffThe right staff at a tradeshow can make a big difference in turning leads. Staff members should be able to easily engage attendees and should also have excellent knowledge of the product.

5. Get Contact Information

There are many ways to acquire attendee contact info, from business card scanners to simply having them fill out information cards. You can also hold a contest or raffle. Regardless of the method you choose, getting contact info is critical for building a database of leads.

6. Hand Out Materials

Call usDon’t let attendees walk away empty-handed. Give them business cards, brochures, DVDs or anything else that might remind them of your RV dealership and provide them with additional information when they are home.

7. Listen to Attendees

Take the time to answer questions and address concerns of attendees. Also ask for feedback. The information you acquire here can be key in learning how to better attract customers in the future.


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