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Though it may seem unlikely, the millennial generation – those between 16 and 34 years of age – may soon be crowding America’s retirees off the RV-beaten path. As the single largest group of today’s consumers, these 80 million young people are entering into their prime travel years and are bringing their tech-savvy skills with them. To tap into this large and growing market, pay attention to their expectations and digital expertise as you shape the way you present and market your RV and vacation services.

Be Digitally Connected

Digitally ConnectedJust as this population is more likely to access digitally designed hotel (AirB&B) and taxi (Uber) services, so are they seeking Internet input into their outdoor vacation choices. In the RV sector, millennials are cruising dozens of RV rental sites for vehicles that will carry them to their fully customized holiday experiences. The journey is as much a part of the experience as the destination, and the recreational vehicle’s capacity to be both hotel and transportation provides the freedom they want at a price they are willing to pay. Ensuring your RV has communication technology means your travelers can stay connected to, as well as share digital mementos of their trip with, family and friends.

Differentiate with Customer Service

Customer ServiceExpect to tune up your customer service game, too, in anticipation of the coming millennial traveler flood. Big Data Analytics is eroding reliance on traditional marketing practices, and customer satisfaction is becoming the new benchmark of corporate success. When potentially hundreds of vendors can offer similar products at comparable prices, customer support and service becomes the chosen differentiator, especially with this crowd. Because these travelers routinely click away from options that don’t immediately respond to their needs, your site and your activities should emphasize your focus on customer service. Make sure you promise – and deliver – the dedicated attention that these explorers are seeking.

Include Retention-Focused Services

Customer RetentionBecause this group is both vast and young, you should anticipate building a loyal following; make sure you strategize your marketing and services to capitalize on that customer retention. Businesses that offer these visitors the services they want – free internet, unique facilities and customized vacation planning services, as examples – will ensure positive social media sharing as well as promises to return soon. What was once called “going the extra mile” should become your company’s regular “that’s how we roll” service level. Building your business strategy on customer feedback will be critical as well since these young folks are expecting their holiday hosts to be responsive to their comments.

Millennial vacationers are looking for excellent services and unique holiday opportunities. Savvy RV dealers will be prepared to provide those for them.






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