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Motivating team

As a sales team leader, one of your most important roles is to keep your team motivated. In order to do so, you have to pay vigilant attention to your company’s vision, as well as the goals and deadlines of the project at hand. It is also important to maintain your own motivation; only when you participate wholeheartedly in a project will your team be right there along with you.

There are three key factors to motivating your team:

  • Maintain communication
  • Reward efficient performance
  • Challenge your team

The Importance of Communication

communicatingAs an RV dealer, it isn’t enough to just know the details and specs of the vehicles you’ll be attempting to sell. You must also know how to communicate those details to prospective buyers and how to communicate with your sales team. The importance of good communication in any business setting simply cannot be stressed enough.

Many of your team members will undoubtedly benefit from clear and concise direction. After all, if you cannot effectively communicate your plan and instructions, how can you expect your sales team to operate at peak efficiency?

Communication also works both ways. Listen to the suggestions and concerns of your team members. Doing so makes them feel appreciated, which in turn improves morale and motivation.

Recognizing Employee Performance

recognizing employeeIt is also important to recognize and, at times, reward good performance. For example, if your team meets its quarterly RV sales quota, you might reward them with a small celebration or even a company dinner out. Other ideas for rewarding performance include:

  • Simply saying “Thank you” and letting the employee know how good a job he or she has done
  • Giving out gift cards
  • Providing training and workshops to improve sales skills

Challenging Your Team

challenging teamSet goals and deadlines, and encourage team members to utilize their skills to their fullest potential. Challenge keeps employees motivated, and successfully completing challenges gives them a sense of accomplishment that also fuels motivation.

It is also a good idea to hold monthly one-on-one meetings to discuss employee performance. Highlight his or her strengths, and offer suggestions for improvement in other areas. As mentioned above, training and workshops can be used to improve skills and challenge employees to learn new things.

Keeping your sales team motivated is a steady process that requires consistency and effort. But so long as you are right there with your team, your efforts will be suitably rewarded.





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