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Better Sales

Consumers have one basic thing in common: they are skeptical of the infamous sales pitch. If consumers feel they are being overtly sold to, chances are they may not buy from you. This puts businesses in a quandary as to how to create more revenue without relying on blatant advertising that can potentially drive away more sales than they create. Thankfully, the digital age has offered several solutions to this problem.

Content Marketing

New selling strategies are emerging that give consumers a feeling they’re in a dialogue with the seller, rather than on the receiving end of a played-out sales pitch. These new techniques are collectively known as content marketing, and they generally consist of blogs, e-books, journal articles and other writing that informs buyers without being excessively persuasive or (for lack of a better term) salesy. This, rather than breeding skepticism in consumers,Content Marketing gives them a sense of empowerment as they learn about the product in a less biased setting.

The question remains of how to write effectively in content marketing. There are several things to keep in mind with this type of writing.

1. Make It Scannable

The type of people who are typically reading Web content aren’t really reading — they’re scanning. They want certain information, and they’re going to scan until they find what they’re looking for. Keep paragraphs short and use bullet points or numbered sections so that readers can easily find the meat of your writing.

2. Use Catchy Words and Phrases

You’re familiar with click-bait by now. Writers use phrases like “shocking,” “ultimate,” “top 5 reasons,” and so on to lure you in and get you to click the article, if only to appease your curiosity. Web content or marketing is no different. Using eye-catching words that pique your curiosity is an absolute must to get people clicking, reading and thinking about your products.

3. Keep It Simple

Keep it simplePlain language is best when you’re trying to appeal to a mass audience. Nothing is more off-putting to a reader than cumbersome words or ideas that take way too long to decipher. This will alienate your readers and make them feel like you’re condescending — not a good combination. Instead, opt for common words and phrases that are easy to scan and ingest.

With effective content marketing you can appeal to a wide range of people and sell to them effectively — without them feeling like they’re reading an advertisement. Start a blog for your business using these easy writing tips and you’ll not only gain followers, but sales as well.

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