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Social media has become an inexorable force in today’s business landscape. With 75 percent of U.S. adults of all ages participating in some kind of social media platform, nine out of 10 companies are also taking part by using it as a customer maintenance and acquisition strategy. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others, have become powerful entrepreneurial tools. Gaining and keeping followers leads to a growth in customer base, and businesses everywhere are logging in to cash out.

How Followers Benefit Business

People being connectedSocial media followers do more than just generate traffic to your company website by clicking on links and ads. Potential customers provide the businesses they follow with important marketing information, such as their location, spoken language, age, marital status and gender. The feedback they provide is instant, allowing companies to respond and target their approaches. They share information with non-followers, such as content created by your company and their personal experience conducting business with you, and in doing so, they generate new leads. Social media followers connect companies to potential new sources of revenue in a timely and cost-effective way.

Content That Matters to Followers

Follow your followersMaintain and grow your follower base with effective content. Social media is a dialogue and not a sales pitch: Companies that clutter their feed with excessively sales-related posts alienate their audience. Your content should be primarily original, with reposts from other accounts being a small percentage of what you share. Posting too often creates clutter your audience would rather do without, and not posting enough ensures that you get lost in the influx of information from your competitors. Follow back and engage with followers so that they feel heard and valued. Use visual elements wherever relevant, and humor if appropriate. Your audience is looking for information, entertainment and engagement and if they get it, they’ll remain loyal.

The Internet is overflowing with content, and businesses are continually competing for the screen time of their audience. If your content doesn’t meet the needs of your followers, they’ll unfollow and go elsewhere. However, if you are successful in giving your audience what they’re looking for, they will help your business grow.

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