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If you’re paying attention to the social media landscape today, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve heard of the app Instagram. Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that allows you to take, edit and share photos with other users. It’s also a good way for friends and family members to stay in touch, or for people to get a glimpse into the lives of celebrities. However, what most people don’t realize is that Instagram can be an extremely powerful marketing tool — one that RV dealership owners and their F&I managers can use to promote their business. The below strategies can help dealership marketers both bring in new customers and keep current ones coming back.

Showcase Inventory

You have beautiful vehicles and accessories for sale at your dealership — why not showcase them by posting photos of them on your Instagram feed? Take a photo of new RVs that you get in, then edit the photos using Instagram’s editing tools and post them. In the caption section of the post, include information about the products, as well as any other information about sales or deals that might entice people to buy.

Post Photos of Employees

Employee SpotlightOne factor that often convinces people to buy from your company is that they find you likeable. Pull the curtain back from your business by showcasing different employees who work at your dealership. For instance, you can post a photo of them and explain what they do during the day. Helping a customer get to know your employees can help them get to know your brand better, which can help build trust and loyalty.

Use Hashtags to Help People Discover Your Business

Hashtags (a # sign, followed by related words or phrases) are a great way to categorize your post. Use hashtags to describe the contents of your photo (for example: #RV #RVforsale), and then people who are looking for those keywords will be able to discover your business. Using hashtags is a great way to bring awareness of your dealership to a wider audience than just your current customers or people in your immediate geographic vicinity.

Hold an Instagram Contest

Couple infront of RVOne of the best ways to get people excited about your business via Instagram is to get them engaged. Hold an Instagram contest, asking people to post a photo of them with their RV (or a photo of something RV-related), then use a hashtag that you designate. At the end of the contest, pick your favorite photo as the winner. You can repost the photo to congratulate your follower, or offer a prize from the beginning.

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