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Retro Van on Coast

Travel has come a long way since the turn of the millennium. Developments in technology, growth in transport infrastructure and increasing affluence means that more people are traveling than ever before in new and modern ways. Here are the major ways travel has evolved since 1999:

Technology meets travel

In your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you now carry a weather forecaster, hotel booker and satellite map to ensure you never need get into trouble on the road again. Technological advances have also led to a shift towards DIY trips organized independently by travelers instead of all-inclusive package holidays. This is great news for RV dealerships as they can provide transport for travelers who are interested in taking personalized trips tailored around their passions and needs.

The traveler demographic

Foreign travel used to be exclusively for the rich, but the rise of backpacking in the late 20th century meant a generation of modest 20-somethings swept across the world and budget hostel dorm rooms became common. In the 21st century, the demographic of traveler is changing once again to include the graying population – and RV dealers are finding retirees make up an increasing percentage of their customers as they use their silver years to hit the road and get to work on their bucket lists.Couple in RV at Beach Families are also finding travel more accessible than ever and an RV kitted out with all the comforts of home make family holidays more comfortable than ever.

The top holiday destinations in North America have been pretty consistent over the years, with California, Florida and Mexico remaining popular for their sunny climates and fabulous coastline. Canada is the second most-visited international destination after Mexico. Nowadays, though, Americans are choosing the stay-cation above foreign travel which reflects a reduction in leisure time. Domestic travelers also spend the majority of their travel budget on transport, for example hiring a car or RV for a road trip.

What hasn’t changed?

The travel industry evolves naturally with the rest of the world. It can only be a positive thing that advances this century are increasing the amount of people able to travel in or outside of their home country. Yet some of the oldest travel trends refuse to go away and only gain in popularity, for example the classic road trip. In 2015, US citizens were expected to make 870,526,000 trips by land during their travels. That’s a lot of miles to cover.
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