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Best Books for Learning to SellHaving good salespeople is crucial for any business to succeed. While there are certain sales methods to learn and employ each time a potential customer arrives, driving a sale to its finish requires knowing and speaking to the customer’s needs and wants. Here are five great sales books that can teach you how to sell and understand the customer better.

“Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy

To be a great salesperson or manager, you must understand the fundamental motivations of both the buyer and seller. “Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy goes beyond selling fundamentals, showing you how to work with customers and make a deal that benefits both parties.

“To Sell Is Human” by Daniel Pink

Family and FriendsIn this masterpiece, Daniel Pink shows how even people who do not work in sales still employ selling tactics in other areas of their lives, from interactions with friends and family to job interviews. By relating sales to daily life and interactions, “To Sell Is Human” provides accessible and practical tools to use when making a pitch to the customer.

“Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar

Deals are lost every day. You’ve been there: The customer decides against buying the vehicle just when you thought you were going to close. What went wrong? Well, in ZigZiglar’s “Secrets of Closing the Sale,” you can learn proven methods that will help you see that close through to the dotted signature line. This book is great at showing you how to guide the buyer to purchase — without coming off as pushy or inconsiderate.

“Slow Down, Sell Faster” by Kevin Davis

Don't rush your customersPeople don’t like to feel rushed. This is certainly true when making a big purchase. In “Slow Down, Sell Faster,” Kevin Davis highlights how pitching to the customer at his or her pace is the most efficient way to sell. By slowing down, Davis argues, you are able to learn more about the customer’s needs; once you know what the buyer desires, you are halfway to a deal. The book also contains research and evidence on how taking time with the customer yields better sales results.

“10 Great Things Sales Leaders Don’t Do!” by Donald Hatter Jr.

A great way to be better at sales is to study what not to do. The book “10 Great Things Sales Leaders Don’t Do!” will help you correct mistakes you are making when selling to a potential RV buyer. By removing those tactics that are unnecessary or simply counterproductive to your pitch, your sales game will be more polished and efficient. And that will boost your bottom line.

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