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Lead Generation MethodsSecuring the sale of a vehicle is usually the last stage of a long and complex process. Marketing, advertising and networking all play their part in generating the leads required to find potential customers.

The generation of leads for successful RV sales relies on several different initiatives in both the online and offline worlds. There are seven surprisingly simple methods of lead generation your dealership can utilize in order to increase sales.

Become a Thought Leader on Social Media

Consumers are skeptical when it comes to following social media accounts. Your dealership needs to give followers real value if you’re going to hold their attention and convert their initial interest into a sale.

You can build trust by answering frequently asked questions or by sharing your knowledge of the RV industry. Once you’ve developed trust, generating leads should become relatively easy.

Create Informational Videos

The power of video simply can’t be understated when it comes to generating leads. Providing an educational video that helps your potential customers with their problems leads to trust and respect. Giving people the tools required to use, buy, maintain or repair their RV will earn you a reputation as an expert within the industry. As a result, your organization is likely to be the one those people turn to when they want to make a purchase.Create Videos

Write Blog Posts Regularly

Blog posts generate leads in a number of different ways. Creating content that delivers value to the reader builds trust in your brand. If your posts are informative and engaging, they will probably be shared — increasing their exposure organically. And relevant content that addresses known issues and questions will be treated favorably by search engines, which could push your organization’s website to the top of results pages.

Give Something Away

Once you have built trust on social media, you can use Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter to offer discounts and free gifts in exchange for the completion of a certain action. For example, in exchange for signing up for your monthly newsletter, you can offer an exclusive discount.

Exclusive Offers

Share Your Wisdom on Other Online Channels

Although this may seem counterintuitive, offering your blogging services for free to relevant websites and competitors could help build your reputation. As long as you include a link to your website, you should be able to make guest blogging work for your business.

Direct Traffic to Landing Pages Dedicated to Lead Generation

Too many businesses direct traffic to their homepage without thinking of lead generation logically. Customers should be directed to a page that incentivizes them to either make a purchase or find out more about your products and services.

Embrace Infographics

Create InfographicsCreating content likely to be shared will amplify your message exponentially. Social media users are often lazy when it comes to reading large blocks of text — but deliver your message in the form of an attractive infographic, and it’s far more likely to be understood and acted on.

The purchase of an RV represents a significant financial commitment to most people. This means that many of your customers will be wary of a hard sell and more inclined to shop around for the best deal. By using every available channel to generate leads, you can be sure your business is maximizing its revenue.
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