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Fall Marketing TipsCrisp air and warm apple pie are cause for celebration in fall. With the end of the year coming, now’s the time to make a big, creative push to help your business reach and exceed your yearly sales goals.

Tie in Area Sports

Football ticket giveawayWhether you’re in a major NFL locale or a rural area where high school football reigns supreme, adding a sports tie-in is a surefire way to pique the interests of your customer base in fall. In a larger market, you might offer game tickets to any customer who makes a purchase over a certain dollar amount.

Businesses in a smaller market can arrange sponsorships of local high-school teams as well as funny halftime contests that will garner attention. For instance, invite crowd members to do 30-second dance routines during halftime, and offer a gift certificate or cash prize to the person who gets the most audience applause.

Use the Holidays

Create a holiday-themed reason to attract prospective customers to your location. On Halloween afternoon, post staff members inside several RVs, and invite families to bring their kids for trick-or-treating from RV to RV. Before Thanksgiving, invite area residents to drop off non-perishable food donations at your business. Offer to match the amount of donations you receive before giving all the food to a local food pantry.

Run a Contest

Dog driving RVA contest that runs for a full month can give your business some extended exposure, especially if you make it unique or competitive enough to grab attention on social media.

For example, create a Month-of-Adventure challenge by choosing a random city or place. Choose a stuffed animal or character mascot, and tell customers he’s headed off on an adventure in his RV. Each day, post a new clue about where he’s going, along with a funny picture of him enjoying the RV. Have the clues very general at first, and then make them more specific as the month goes on. People can follow along every day, and the first person to figure out where the character is going in his RV wins a gift certificate or cash prize.

In October, you can create a new Halloween costume for the character each day. In November, explain that his RV adventure is leading him to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving.

Challenge Employees

You may not have to look beyond the employee break room to find brilliant new marketing ideas. Ask staff members to pitch ideas for how to bring new business in, and then choose one idea. Give the person responsible for the idea a cash bonus or extra days off around the Christmas holidays.

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