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Development ConceptsTeam-building and personal development activities for all of your employees can be fun and productive. When your team feels they are valued, they perform better.

Plus, the benefits are huge: out of their familiar comfort zone, everyone gets to bond and know each other better, work, or play in a stress-free environment, and build deeper, more meaningful working relations as a result.

Here are five great concepts to try when planning your next team-building day.


Getting your whole staff involved in a good cause brings everyone to the same level of humanity. The chance to spend a day doing something selfless together with your team is a way to also see a side of others you may not have noticed before—their giving, soulful, human heart. You can do anything from helping in soup kitchens, to organizing Christmas parties in the pediatric ward of your local hospital.


 Escape Room Adventure

Look for an Escape Room Game in the city, and have a blast trying out your detective skills together! Escape rooms are becoming popular as ways to get together and enjoy the day, sans alcohol or food. This is especially great for learning how to work together, problem-solve, and get creative.

Team-Building Sports

There’s a big chance your staff and managers could benefit from the healthy effects of more physical activities. Take off to an adult jungle gym, hike a forest, or learn to go sailing together. Try dragon boat racing or kayaking down rapids! Anything that gets you in the great outdoors, and moving!

Team Kayaking

Creative Play

Form a committee to organize a few hours of play. Board games or card games are a fun way to do something low-key, easy on your budget, and fun for all. They can be anything as simple as Pictionary and Brain Games, or relay races if you prefer something more active. Have fun coming up with creative ideas to jog your skills.

Attend a Seminar

Concern about your staff’s well-being should extend to their self-improvement, too. Perhaps your managers could benefit from attending an inspirational talk, or having a personality coach over to the office to give a day seminar. Find out which areas need the most improvement, and hire a career coach to get your team inspired.

Attend a Seminar

Remember, team building is an investment that will bring you and your company long term value. Don’t miss out!

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