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Is Your Staff Ruining Your PR?Mastering the art of public relations is important for RV dealerships. For example, the ways in which employees communicate with customers and the public can speak volumes about your dealership, and the messages are not necessarily positive. By the time you recognize the negative effects, your customers may be long gone.

Pressure-Cooker Tactics

Salesman You may not realize the tactics that some of your salespeople are using. Many customers come away from a car or RV dealership feeling as if they have been pressured. (for instance, “This price is only good today!). Your PR efforts, say, your TV commercials, may boast of a friendly and supportive sales staff, but do your customers get to experience that environment?

Inconsistent Messages

Your sales staff may say one thing about down payments, but when customers get to F&I, the reps there may say something else. Part of good PR is ensuring consistent messages throughout your dealership. For example, everyone needs to be on the same page about what is required for financing.

Personal Social Media

Personal social mediaYou certainly should not snoop on employee’s Facebook pages, but you may be Facebook friends with some folks at work. It can be distressing when employees, particularly the more visible ones, make social media posts not in line with your dealership philosophy. Furthermore, some posts may cause prospective customers to not visit your dealership at all.

One way to deal with this issue is through training sessions that emphasize the reach of social media and that encourage employees to make responsible choices on their personal accounts while acknowledging they are just that—personal accounts. At the very least, training should urge friends-only settings on Facebook instead of public settings.

Language Choices

Word usage goes a long way. A manager who says something such as, “Sorry, we can’t help because our policy does not allow it,” may be projecting more of a negative image versus someone who says, “I understand this is tough and that you came here with a different perspective on qualifying for an RV. Let me think over this and get back to you with a possible solution.”

Inconsistent communications, applying pressure and using suboptimal language are some of the ways in which your staff could be undermining your PR. Social media is another way for this to happen, but through revamped training and organizational shifts, you can work to correct the problems.

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