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Learn from DisneyWalt Disney World® offers its guests world-renowned customer service, and even offers classes at their educational organization and books about how to implement some of their strategies into other companies. Here are 5 ways RV dealerships and other sales-based organizations can learn from Walt Disney World®.

1. Put Your Customers First

If you complain at Walt Disney World®, they are going to do everything to make your experience better. While you can’t give customers free RVs, consider your customers’ feelings whenever possible. Consider haggle-free prices so every customer gets the best possible price and always deal with difficult customers with respect.

2. Think About the Customer Experience

Walt Disney World® considers every moment that guests spend in their parks, from the moment they park and board the monorail to exiting at night. How does your customers’ experience compare? Find ways to improve your customer’s experience in small ways, from greeting them immediately when they arrive to offering them coffee or water. The happier they are with the experience, the more likely they will be to refer you and return.Greeting the Customer

3. Invest in Staff Training

Walt Disney World® spends a lot of time training their staff so they have the right answers and best know-how. When staff knows a lot about the models sold and customer service best practices, they are empowered to be better sales people. Evaluate your training protocols to see how they might be improved.

4. Take the Next Steps

If you ask for directions at Walt Disney World®, cast members show you instead of telling you. Instead of street sweepers simply sweeping, they also create art on the asphalt with water. They consistently take steps beyond what customers expect, even when they’re incredibly simple because customers recognize the effort. When customers ask you questions, how do you answer? Do you only provide the needed information or do you show them what they’re looking for?

go the extra mile

5. Solicit Customer Feedback

Walt Disney World® has a research team that solicits guest feedback at the front of the park to capture real-time information about their business operations. The company actively wants to know what parts of the experience visitors liked and what needs to be improved upon. Do you regularly request feedback from your customers? It’s worth it to find out how they experienced your business — then you’ll know exactly how to improve to better meet their needs and increase sales.

Walt Disney World® remains a leader in customer service. By using some of their simple best practices, you can improve your own customer service and create solid relationships with long-term customers.

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