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5 things your website is doing wrongIf your RV dealership website fails to attract visitors or turn visitors into customers, several things may be wrong with it. Here are five issues that are easier to fix than you think if you want to improve your business’s website.

1. Your SEO Is Weak

Ensure that every picture and page on your site has a title and alternative text (an “alt tag”). Not only will this give SEO a boost, but it will also improve your site’s accessibility.

2. The Good Stuff Is at the Bottom of the Page

“Above the fold” is a concept you need to implement on your homepage now. Putting the most important information on the top half of the page means visitors can instantly see the good stuff you’re offering without scrolling down. A recent study done by Web usability guru Jakob Neilsen found that 80 percent of fixations (what the website visitor looks at) on a page occur above the fold. Think logo, a catchy image, site navigation, and maybe a special finance offer or promotion you have going on at the time.above the fold

3. You Don’t Use Analytics

To determine how website content is performing, you need to have in-page analytics. Google Analytics is free and easy to implement, and gives you valuable information about what visitors are doing on your site, how they’re engaging with your content, and what other content they would like. For example, you might be perplexed as to why no one is visiting a page that showcases your latest model to hit the showroom. It’s a great vehicle, so why is no one reading about it? In-page analytics could show you the typical clicking behavior of a visitor: You may find that your great page is hidden beneath other content, and usually your visitors just click to a couple of pages before leaving.

4. The Blog Is Rarely Updated

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written and regularly updated blog. Blog posts generate shareable content, and you can use them to cross-link to other parts of your site. You could write a blog that gives a sneak peek at the latest truck campers on the market, and link within the blog to the campers you have for sale right now. Fresh content will keep visitors coming back, and it’s great for SEO, too.update blog regularly

5. Prices and Terms Are Hidden

People want to know about your prices, fees and additional charges. So if visitors can apply for finance on your site, you need to be upfront about all of the terms and conditions before they start clicking away. Your website visitors should be able to easily find information; otherwise, they’ll get annoyed and possibly leave your site.

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