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Lead generation tipsWith a beautiful, large lot filled with high-quality RVs, you need just as many high-quality leads to ensure your inventory stays fresh and flowing. Here are some great lead generation tips to make that happen.

1. Branding and Tone

Always think about your dealership and its brand when working on marketing and advertising. What image do you want to convey? Does the language you use match that branding? Be sure to give this some reflection before getting to work.

2. Great Website Management

Keep your website up to date and glowing. After all, 81 percent of people research online before making a purchase. Remember that good, detail-oriented listings sell more RVs, so this is not a job to delegate to an inexperienced newbie.
Great website management

3. Every Picture Tells a Story

Find someone capable of taking killer photographs to shoot your units. Research shows that upwards of 30 high-quality images of each RV will generate many more leads than if you published only 15 of each. Zoom in and get the details!

4. Video

Ads with videos have been shown to pull in more leads by a strong margin. Some estimates say video increases leads by up to 46 percent, well worth the money it takes to put together video ads or videos of your units for your website.video advertising

5. Basic Sales Techniques

Never forget that your ads should not just be lists of features. People buy the benefits of a product, so be sure you communicate how that expensive diesel engine will give more power going over the Rocky Mountains!

6. Never Forget Your Calls to Action

Be extremely generous with calls to action in your advertisements. Make them big and bold in print ads and clickable in online image ads, and urge them to call you at the beginning, middle and end of videos.call to action

7. Lay Out the Virtual Welcome Mat

No matter where or how you are advertising to the public, be sure your ads will make consumers feel welcome to stop in and meet you.

8. Don’t Leave Out Important Details

Some sales pros think leaving out some critical details is a great way to get people to call or stop in. Not so! Use your own buying behaviors as a clue. Do you call immediately if something pertinent is missing, or do you simply move on to a different website where you can find what you’re looking for? This includes pricing: Units with prices generate over 50 percent more leads. Give buyers what they want, or they will find it elsewhere.important details

9. Feature a Particular RV

Special purchases with great discounts will draw people to your lot to check it out. Put it up front and be sure that unit is decked out with signage or balloons. Additionally, don’t forget to add the special information to your website listing!

10. Call People Back Lickety-Split

We’re not kidding here. Leads are golden if you treat them that way. Conversions are high when you have a conversation with a buyer quickly. For instance, conversions are 391%t higher if you call within 60 seconds and 120% within two minutes. If you call back the next day or after the weekend, they’ve already forgotten about you, bought somewhere else or just are no longer excited about buying.call customers immediately

Good news! Most of your competitors have boring, ho-hum descriptions on their websites for their units. By putting creative thought into your marketing and branding, and writing enticing top line descriptions for your RVs, you will already have an edge on them. Be prepared for lots of leads and follow-up. Happy selling!

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