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digital business cardsPromoting your RV dealership and its F&I products is a never-ending job in a competitive marketplace. Interactive digital business cards present a single product, along with its relevant information, within a card-sized interactive container that is compatible across the web.

What Are Interactive Digital Business Cards?

digital business card exampleDigital business cards are usually about the size of a mobile phone screen, which makes these informative little containers a natural fit for mobile design. You can include your links, logos, graphics, photos and text. They are customizable and targetable. RV dealers, for instance, may have one card to promote their roadside assistance plan and another for their financial services.

Interactive cards are the perfect size to use as internet ads, in social media postings, on photo sharing sites and in your email campaigns. They are another weapon in your business branding arsenal.

Customers searching for information about products or services are notorious for their impatience and short attention spans. They don’t read information but scan over it until they find what they are looking for. Digital cards make a single point clearly and quickly. Viewers appreciate this.

Examples of Digital Business Card Design

This Sitepoint article showcases how the card design trend is used in the layout of popular social media websites. If you are looking for some digital card design inspiration, check out these examples. Card design lends itself to creativity well, and there are some stunning examples out there. Browse around and figure out what will work for your business.

How to Use Your Digital Business Cards

Incorporate them as your email signature. Blast them out to everyone at your next conference or trade show. Card specific analytics will provide you with valuable information about prospective buyers. Design several versions with each focused on a different topic, and then distribute them across your digital empire.

Making Your Business Cards

There are lots of websites that specialize in designing digital business cards, and plenty of do-it-yourself sites too. Web designers and graphic artists will be happy to give you an estimate and discuss designs and different approaches. Some sites use proprietary cards and take care of marketing while collecting email addresses and customer profiles for you.

Like everything else nowadays, business cards have gone digital. This is not only a popular trend but a design theory with staying power that your business should be using for promotion.

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