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webinarHosting webinars provides multiple opportunities for lead generation for your business. Webinars are live, online presentations that provide valuable information. Viewers can simply listen in and watch, or can be more active participants and ask questions, too. Here’s how they can help bring in more leads.

You’ll be seen as an expert in your field

By hosting a webinar and providing an informative resource that viewers want to save and reference later, you’ll be helping to position yourself as an expert in your field. Consider what’s a “hot topic” in RVs and F&I at the moment, and build your webinar content around that. Provide a range of quality references, incorporate videos and audio clips to add interest, and have someone prominent in your industry host the webinar. If your webinar is a legitimate resource that people will want to come back to and view again, you’ll become a trusted voice in the field.

You can help bring warmth to online leads

Online leads can sometimes be hard to generate due to the lack of human contact. They can become even harder to generate if you’re dealing with a sensitive topic like finance and insurance. Your webinar can address this problem by giving your company a human face — you! Webinar hosts often use a webcam, so viewers feel like they’re right there in the room with you. You could even film one of your customers relaying a personal anecdote of, for example, how your roadside assistance service helped them on a recent vacation. It’s all about giving a friendly face to something that’s often quite impersonal.

 You’ll get more opportunities for follow-up

Webinars offer many opportunities to follow-up with a potential customer later. Provide time for questions at the end, and note the contact details of people who ask questions. You can then contact them a few days after the webinar with further information about their inquiries. Another way you can follow-up with a potential lead is simply by reaching out to them later with a link to the recorded webinar for their reference. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll have a reason to talk to them again.

You can capture valuable contact information

If you’re providing something of use, people often expect that you will want something in return from them. That’s why it’s not unusual for webinar hosts to ask that viewers complete a contact form with their name, email address, and even phone number prior to viewing. It also adds a nice personal element while you’re hosting the webinar — you’ll be able to see who’s asking a question, and you can address them by name.

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