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Building a Successful TeamYour team is critical to your business success. The right people help you achieve goals and move your company forward, yet finding the right mix of personality and talent in a team isn’t easy. Consider these steps to help things go smoothly:

1. Incorporate Many Skills

Achieving your goal will take the participation of many people. Make a list of what different kinds of experience will advance the team’s ability to achieve the goal. If you want to expand the brand offerings of your RV dealership, then your team should know sales, networking, business negotiations and understand your long-term vision. Choose individual team members who can contribute one or some of these skills.

2. Seek the Right Fit

Once you have the right mix of skills on your team, attempt to choose people who can work well together. A project is a collective effort. Not all personalities match, so avoid setting up a scenario where team members argue and fail to make good use of their skills. If such a mix is unavoidable, suggest a project format whereby members work independently before coming together. A strong networker might pass the reins to a strong negotiator, for example, when the time comes to make a deal.Building Your Team

3. Empower Team Members

Once you’ve assembled your team and laid out the goal, stay out of their way. Team members work best when they can take an initiative and make it their own. Feelings of ownership make team members more enthusiastic because they can see the results of their own work. As much as you want your team to be proactive, you should also keep your door open and provide support when necessary.

4. Communicate Expectations

Trusting your team members is important. However, you still run the business, and the particular goal you have can make or break implications for your company. At the beginning of a project — and periodically as it is underway — you should establish what your people need to do. Institute markers of progress and support team members’ attempts to stay on track.communicate expectations

5. Celebrate Success

Your team members should anticipate a long career at the company. In order to bolster their feelings of participation in your business’ advancement, celebrate the successful completion of a project. When you achieve brand diversity at the dealership, acknowledge the result with other members of the company at a team meeting or through a company newsletter.

Your employees should enjoy working toward a common goal. If they do, there is no limit to how far they can go.


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