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doing twitter wrongWith 42 percent of consumers learning about products and services via Twitter, the marketing power of this social media site couldn’t be more clear. If you aren’t generating leads and linkbacks from your Twitter feed, you could be committing one of these three common mistakes. Correct them, and get the most out of your Twitter marketing campaign for your RV dealership.

1. You’re using shortened URLs

When shortened URLs arrived on the scene, many people praised it as an incredible solution to Twitter’s character limit. Flash forward to today: many experts now say it can actually hurt the success of social media marketing for your RV dealership.

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t be using shortened URLs, including:

  • Your audience may not trust the link (some look strange). Some may even be falsely considered spam.
  • Long URLs on Twitter no longer take up more characters than short ones. So, you don’t have to worry about precious space.
  • Twitter Analytics already gives you the tools to accurately see how people are engaging with posts (data analysis from URL shorteners is not always entirely accurate).shortened urls

2. You’re not using hashtags appropriately

Hashtags are important for gaining traction on Twitter because they essentially give your post a searchable keyword. That’s why posts with hashtags achieve twice the amount of engagement than those without hashtags.

Yet hashtags alone won’t necessarily deliver engagement, especially if you use an annoying amount of them or don’t think through the particular word or phrase. To use hashtags effectively on your RV dealership’s Twitter page, focus on concise and easy language that relates to the RV industry, your location and the time of year. To get more insights into what will work, consider using hashtag research tools (you could also do searches on Twitter to find what’s trending in your industry).hashtags

3. You’re not using enough multimedia

Consider these statistics on the success of multimedia on Twitter:

Clearly, your Twitter marketing campaign should have a mix of written and visual content, along with links and hashtags. Each time you post, think about how you could include a visual. It will increase engagement.mulitmedia

Winning on Twitter

From posting frequently to retweeting leaders in your industry, there are many ways your RV dealership can succeed on Twitter. Start by creating and executing a strategy; then, analyze the results and keep making adjustments. Through careful consideration, you can generate more business for your company through Twitter.

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