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5 Tips to Avoid Boring Your Social Media FollowersWhen you handle social media for an RV dealership, you work closely with folks in sales, management, finance, insurance and other departments. There are plenty of ways to bring seemingly mundane topics to life so that you engage your followers, but there are also plenty of ways to bore them. Here’s how to keep things lively and avoid the dreaded unlike/unfollow.

1. Mix Up the Content

mixed up the contentMany businesses make the mistake of sticking to text-heavy blog posts only. This content might be nicely formatted with bullet points and pictures, or it could even alternate between top 10 lists, how-tos and FAQs; however, your followers want more variety. Quizzes, infographics, news articles and photos are just a few of the simple ways you can keep things spicy. Interviews, videos and podcasts are some other options. You could do a short video on a day in the life of an F&I manager and inject a unique twist into the narrative.

2. Post Regularly

A predictable posting schedule is good for social media. Post too little, and you bore your followers with a lack of content. Post too much or too erratically, and you turn followers off. A monthly social media schedule can ensure you stay on top of things.

3. Post Relevant Content

Post Relevant ContentThis one should be a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many dealerships—and businesses in general, really—are out of sync with what their customers consider relevant content. Your dealership likely has some idea of its buyer personas, so use that information to develop and create compelling content. It’s fine to spread your content among several personas, but remember that each specific piece should be tailored to one persona. Don’t get too general with content by trying to satisfy a wide spectrum of customers.

4. Nix the Blatant Self-Advertising

Self-promotion is one of the quickest ways to bore your followers. There’s nothing more tedious than following a business who continually says, “We won X award,” or “We offer the finest service!” Know that it’s fine to self-advertise every once in a while, but don’t ignore the Golden Ratio, which calls for only 10 percent of your content to be promotional.

5. Engage with Folks

Engage with FolksIf your followers ask questions on Facebook, answer them to the best of your ability. Use your Twitter account to engage in conversation with folks, too. Social media is social, and by remembering that it is a two-way street, you keep your followers invested.

Engagement is the name of the game with social media. Vary your content, chat with folks, and know what your customers want.

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