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Sales LeaderboardA sales leaderboard is a fantastic way to increase interest in a commission-based job. When your RV dealership hits a plateau, this gamification technique can ignite a fire in your employees.

The results are sometimes game-changing, so long as there’s a reward behind your leaderboard. Of course, your company can calculate the price of the reward into normal commission rates instead of making it an additional cost.

Encourage a Higher Down Payment

There is more profitability when you receive a larger down payment on an RV loan. This also requires less risk from your F&I department. You should inspire salespeople to chase higher down payments when possible. The best way to do this is by pointing out that a higher down payment means a lower interest rate and shorter repayment term. Make sure your employees never pressure by focusing on the positives.down payment

Reward Solid Marketing

You can always find good salespeople — those who will convert a good chunk of the leads that walk in the door. But what about all the untouched leads that pass by? Give employees the chance to market your RV sales business for you. For example, run a sign competition from week to week. In this scenario, you could reward the employee who gets the most people in the door. Make sure to weigh it against your averages when comparing performance results between employees. If you do not already track your foot traffic, there has never been a better time to start.sign competition

Use Referral Cards

Let your salespeople hand out referral cards to anyone who buys an RV from them. When employees make sales to word-of-mouth referrals, it boosts their spot on the leaderboard. In the same way, you could push employees to hand out their business cards around town. The word-of-mouth effort is always worth rewarding as it creates more leads and sales than you would expect. It’s a net profit and a win-win to award extra points on the leaderboard for obtaining new customers.refer a friend

Overall, a sales leaderboard is only as effective as you make it. There needs to be a real incentive for employees. If you institute this type of reward program, it might be good to find ways to integrate it into your normal employee payment plan.

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