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get staff movingOne of the primary goals of an RV dealership is to get people out on the road and on the move. But the staff who help customers get going too often spend much of their own time behind a desk. Research links prolonged periods of sitting with multiple negative health conditions, as well as decreased productivity. Ways to counter this harm include use of a standing desk, a change in chairs, reminder apps, changing the placement of furniture and other items, and encouraging an active workplace.

1. Try a Standing Desk

standing deskThough the research remains mixed, some swear by standing desks as the solution. Most models offer users the option of the conventional seated version, as well as the more modern standing form or even a version that incorporates a treadmill. Though not conclusive, evidence suggests that active desks are an improvement relative to the sitting desk.

2. Alternate Sitting on an Unconventional Chair

Dynamic chairs that allow the user to engage muscles while sitting by wobbling, bouncing and balancing help counter the negative effects of too much time in a conventional desk chair. Not only is core strength improved, but mental alertness and focus are increased by being forced to actively balance when seated.

3. Use a Reminder App

stretching at workStudies show that standing every 20 to 30 minutes, even if just for a moment or two, has many benefits physiologically and psychologically. Apps that operate on a timer set to remind workers to stretch or stand up periodically can help staff remember to move around once in a while.

4. Rearrange the Layout

Something as simple as relocating the trash can to a location further away from the desk works to force people to walk at least a few more steps than they might otherwise.

5. Encourage an Active Workplace

active workplaceManagement support of an active workplace plays an important role in the office environment on both a physical and mental level. Implementation of wellness programs or just encouraging staff to get out from behind the desk more often can work wonders.


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