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best-in-class lead experienceFor RV dealership F&I offices, developing a high-quality lead experience is a sales and marketing investment that can yield remarkable returns on investment (ROI). Oracle research reveals that 68 percent of marketers believe quality lead nurturing practices result in increased sales opportunities. Adopting the following best practices can help your dealership brand outshine the competition.

1. Offer High-Value Workshops

Purchasing an RV is a major financial commitment. Providing high-value education to your prospects can build trust in your brand as an expert, and help them develop the knowledge needed to commit to a purchase. Webinars and live events are just two ways to offer high-value, educational workshop content to your leads. By providing real-time or on-demand educational content, you can become the number one resource for RV purchase education.free webinar

2. Refine Your Follow-Up Process

How often should you follow up with your leads? Probably more often than you might think. Following up six times increases the likelihood of a sales-qualified contact by 70 percent. Touching base regularly can allow you to answer questions and help your prospects make a sales decision. By understanding the unique journey of RV buyers, including how long a typical qualified customer spends researching before making a purchase, you can align your follow-up messages to their research and decision process.

3. Provide High-Value Content

Your prospects have a lot of questions about aspects of RV purchase, including gap coverage, roadside assistance and buying the right used RV. Research by Aberdeen shows that content that’s aligned to the specific stage of the buyer’s journey yields 73 percent higher returns over marketers who aren’t using targeted content.update blog regularly

4. Develop Complementary Products & Services

Positioning your brand as a one-stop shop for all of your RV buyer’s needs can further assist you in building trust and closing sales. By offering a series of innovative products that provide peace of mind in their purchase and high-value educational content, you can develop a reputation as the dealership they can trust.

5. Be Your Lead’s Advocate

Your customers want peace of mind that you’re on their side, working to protect their investment. Demonstrate advocacy for their interests by ensuring you offer great products to protect the value of their purchase.customer advocate

Building a World-Class Lead Experience

By understanding the unique needs and questions of your qualified dealership leads, you can develop processes and content that answer their questions and position your company as an expert throughout the purchase process. With high-value educational content, well-timed follow-up messages and complementary products and services, you can become their advocate and a trusted resource when they’re ready to make a purchase.

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