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Creating a landing pageAn easy, simple way to increase RV business is with one or more landing pages. There are more and more people buying RVs today than ever before, and if you want their business, an effective landing page can help bring in the leads and create the information gateway needed to close the deal.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a one-page website that typically focuses on a single objective in a clear and concise manner, such as a number to call, a form to fill out, or other meaningful action.  For example, if your objective is to gain leads for your roadside assistance product, then create a landing page that describes only your roadside assistance coverage and how it is beneficial to your customers.landing page

Optimize Your Page Title

The most important element to aid in traffic to your landing page is the title of the page. This page title is the description of the web page that shows up at the top of your browser and also allows search engines to know what is included on any given page. Some simple rules to follow when creating page titles are:

  • Keep it short
  • Include quality keywords first
  • Use vertical pipes to separate phrases

Page Headline

Create a headline for your landing page that supports the benefits of the offer.  Most people will read the headline of the page but only skim through the copy so make sure your headline is catchy.


Consumers gravitate towards images.  Images help prospects better understand your product and its benefits. 65% of people retain information if it is associated with relevant images.

Leads Form

The leads form is where your landing page will turn visitors into leads.  A few tips to remember when creating your leads form are:

  • Keep it simple – If your form is too complicated, the visitor will simply move on
  • Minimize the number of fields – The fewer fields you have, the more leads you will get. Name, email and phone number are the key fields to include.
  • Form buttons – The text on the form submit button should tell the visitor exactly what will happen next.  For example, “Get Info Now”, “Send Me More Info” and “Get Started” are good examples of buttons that provide relevant outcomes.
  • Position form above the fold – The leads form should be one of the first things visitors see when coming to your page.

Social Proof

Social proof, such as customer testimonials, reviews and case studies are great ways to provide credibility to your product.  Adding these positive influences to your landing page can be a very powerful and persuasive selling tool.  People are always more likely to listen to and follow their peers.

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