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Happy DazeAt Coach-Net, we value and are extremely proud of all of our esteemed dealer partners. To show our appreciation for everything you do and the positive image you bring to Coach-Net, we want to showcase a partner, quarterly, in our Coach-Net Partner Connection.

Happy Daze RV'sHappy Daze RV’s is a family owned RV dealership that has been making customers happy since 1974.  They are based in Northern California and, with 2 locations, serve the needs of RV enthusiasts all over California, Nevada and other surrounding states.  They are part of the Priority RV Network – dedicated to every customer’s total and complete satisfaction.

Coach-Net’s Chris Notarpole, National Account Manager, had the pleasure of speaking with Ronnie Raddigan, General Manager. Ronnie loves the RV industry and has been working at Happy Daze for over 20 years.  He was inspired to work in the RV industry because of the boundless opportunities it brings.  Ronnie said, “The RV industry is a growing business and for those who invest the time and have the dedication, the sky’s the limit.”

Happy Daze dealershipBeing connected to RVers for many years, Ronnie has seen what his customers value. Not only do their customers appreciate the very knowledgeable staff at Happy Daze RVs, they also enjoy and welcome all of the helpful advice given throughout the entire purchasing process.  But even beyond that, customers appreciate that they are taken care of after the sale.  They know that no matter where they are, they always have the help and peace of mind that comes with having Coach-Net’s roadside assistance. Ronnie personally takes comfort in knowing that their customers can go out and enjoy every trip without a concern of the “what ifs”.  They are covered 24/7.

Ronnie also offered some words of wisdom for new partners who are just getting started with Coach-Net products.  He said, “Coach-Net is one of the least expensive ways to retain your customer base.  Offering your customers peace of mind and the ability to always have someone there when they might need it most is the easiest way to keep them happy and coming back to you.”

Thank you, Ronnie and Happy Daze RV’s for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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