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employees trainingYou should always try to engage employees in a way that naturally benefits your business’s goals. If your intent is to push more RV sales, there are certain things that can influence your whole team to perform better. Just read on for five unique ideas of how your RV dealership staff can grow each other as more successful salespeople.

1. Montessori-Style Training

How do you initiate new salespeople? If you rely on the top-tier, is there really influence for your staff to train your bottom-level employees? RV dealerships are competitive places — no one wants to lose their job — so, it might be better for your mid-strength salespeople to train the newcomers.

This is akin to how Montessori schools work and it helps to improve the performance of your mid-ranking salespeople. This works out well because people let what they learn sink in after they teach it to someone else (Dewey’s Theory).

2. Lab Partners

Remember back in high school when kids would pair off for science class projects? The “lab partners” tactic can work well for sales training at RV dealerships too. Set up a pair of employees, such as a top seller and someone lower on the totem pole.

Now, make it a goal for the more experienced salesperson to train the weaker player. Run a leaderboard and reward the team that improves the most, particularly based on the change in sales stats for the weaker individual.lab partners

3. Team-Style Leaderboards

Not just with the “Lab Partners,” method, but in general, team-style leaderboards can really improve sales performance at RV dealerships. This approach detracts employees from the competitive fears that prevent them from growing each other. For best results, switch teammates around every so often.

4. Workplace Tournaments

Make your sales incentives more intriguing by creating “workplace tournaments,” instead of just basic sales leaderboards. You can structure it in fun ways and change the rules all the time. For example, have a “knockout rule,” where the worst seller at the end of each week is eliminated. The lack of redundancy in your sales incentive program will make sure your employees remain inspired.workplace competition

5. Blind Dates

This is a newer strategy, but it works great. You just have to set up employees to meet together outside of work circumstances. For instance, provide a paid dinner for your top seller and have a newer member join them. There’s much to learn, and the low-pressure atmosphere will help them grow a more personal relationship. This better connection can translate to stronger training within the workplace.





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