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target marketThe United States Census Bureau conducts a census of the nation’s population periodically, recording valuable information such as the income, age ranges and household sizes in various locations. It makes the results of that survey freely available to anyone online, which means RV dealerships can review data by region, city and ZIP code. They can then use the latest census data to better target their mail and phone lead-generation work, boosting conversion rates from each campaign.

Where Can You Find Free Census Data?

The Census Bureau provides a number of data tools, and RV dealerships might want to begin with the American Fact Finder page. You can view data for the state, city or ZIP code by entering the area in the search form on that page. The Fact Finder tool lets you view information by topic, such as age range, income and education, or you can click on a link to see all the information from the latest census.census data

Tips for Targeting Leads With Free Census Data

RV dealerships looking to target mailings and call campaigns might want to begin by looking at data for various ZIP codes in their city or region. Households with higher income levels are more likely to have the disposable income to spend on RVs for vacation and travel, which means dealerships might want to target luxury campaigns to areas with larger homes and higher-than-average household incomes.

When looking at areas where the median age is above 65, consider highlighting roadside assistance options. This is a service that is likely to appeal to older adults who are living weeks or months of their lives on the road during retirement. RV dealerships might consider retirement-themed campaigns or marketing that includes roadside assistance options in these areas.senior rvers

By thinking first about what consumers might need or want and targeting your marketing materials to match the demographics of each area, you will increase the chances that your mailings or calls will turn into leads and possibly conversions. You can even target potential consumers who don’t fall into obvious demographics for purchasing an RV. Young families, for example, might not seem like a good bet for being potential RV customers. However, millennials appreciate the value of experience and travel, and as they start families, they are interested in giving these experiences to their children. An RV dealership might send a targeted mailing to neighborhoods with young families that highlights the benefits of road trips for learning, social skills and family relationships.

Free census data won’t do the marketing work for you. With a little creativity, though, the statistics offered by the government can help you target your marketing campaigns appropriately.

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