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RVIA 2017 Advocacy DayFrom family vacations to tailgate parties, RVs have quickly become the vehicle with which lifelong memories are made.  They give travel enthusiasts the freedom to discover all of the amazing wonders this great country has to offer and families the avenue with which to strengthen their bond.  This remarkable American tradition is kept alive by those in the RV industry – RV manufacturers, suppliers, sales, service, campgrounds and travel.  And, it is up to us to make sure that we work together to strengthen and improve the industry we all love.

June 7th, 2017 marked the day nearly 100 RV-industry leaders came together to meet with members of Congress in order to discuss the RV industry and raise awareness of issues affecting the industry.  They shared the astounding economic impact the RV industry has on the country and how the industry is continuing to grow.

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They also emphasized the importance of a Recreation Title being included in any upcoming infrastructure bill.  This Title would consist of four needs:

  1. Modernizing RV campgrounds on federal lands. Most federal campgrounds were built in the 1950s and are not equipped to handle the modern RVs of today or able to provide the amenities that today’s generation and future generations want and expect.
  2. Expanding broadband coverage on federal land. This advanced connectivity is key to supplying visitors with reliable internet to receive weather alerts, accurate navigation on roads, trails and waterways, and much more.
  3. Removing barriers to public-private partnerships
  4. Making outdoor recreation as high a priority as conservation and natural resource management since outdoor recreation is the largest driver of economic activity on federal lands.

Coach-Net’s Kim Gregory, National Sales Director, had the honor and privilege of attending this important day of meetings and camaraderie.  “The RV industry is having record years in a number of units we are manufacturing and selling,” said Gregory. “We need to provide up-to-date facilities that can accommodate the units that we are currently manufacturing.  The USA if full of some of the most amazing and beautiful lands.  We should have access to camp in them and enjoy them.

“Campgrounds also need better connectivity.  We are seeing trends of families educating their children while living on the road.  Couples are starting to work remotely while traveling the country, and millennials, who grew up in the digital age, like the ability to get out and explore but they expect the technology to be up-to-date and modern.

“The RV industry is about creating experiences. The initiatives discussed with Congress will enhance these experiences while giving us the tools to continue to offer this amazing gift to future generations.”

Throughout the day, Gregory attended meetings where she spoke with Texas-based Senators and Representatives, including Ted Cruz, to discuss why all of these issues are so important to the 9 million RVing families in the United States.  She also encouraged members of Congress to join the RV Caucus.  Both the House and Senate RV Caucuses raise awareness and promote education about the RV industry on Capitol Hill while providing support on important RV industry regulatory and legislative issues.

After the long day of meetings and a reception following, your RV leaders followed up with thank-you notes to the staff in the offices they personally visited.  This follow-up allowed them the opportunity to provide additional information and to provide statistics on the economic impact specific to their state or district.

As of June 12th, RVIA has already heard back from almost 20 offices that have joined the RV Caucus or have expressed interest.  This accomplishment is a direct result of the passionate efforts made by the RV industry on Advocacy Day.

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But, it doesn’t have to stop there.  You can get involved too!  Simply, contact your senators and local representatives and encourage them to become a part of the RV Caucus.

Thank you to everyone who attended RVIA 2017 Advocacy Day.  It’s because of you and your commitment and dedication that we are all allowed to do what we love – help make memories that last a lifetime.


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