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recruiting millennialsAs more millennials enter the workforce, businesses that know how to engage with these prospective employees have the advantage in hiring and retaining this generation’s top talent. Learn how to recruit and retain millennial talent with these tips.

Finding Millennial Hires

The days of circling “help wanted” ads in the local paper are long gone for most job-seekers, especially recent graduates entering the workforce. Posting your job openings online is an affordable and easy way to attract applicants to your business. Indeed, LinkedIn, and even Facebook offer free and budget-friendly ways to post job openings that specifically target the skills and experiences you want in a prospective employee.dream job

Engagement Is Critical to Retain Millennials

Findings from Harvard Business Review show that nearly one out of every two millennials feels disengaged with their current work. This creates dissatisfaction among employees who feel their only chances of advancement exist outside the company.

Millennial job-hopping can create constant turnover and some major gaps in upper management as older generations retire. However, there are methods that not only help retain and refine the talents of your youngest employees, but also benefit your business overall.

Provide Quality Leadership to Create Future Leaders

Millennials, like any generation, show loyalty to the businesses they believe have an active interest in their professional futures. Inc. Magazine found that the majority of millennial employees want to rise to leadership positions in the next five years. The same number (60 percent) wish to participate in leadership training, and more than 70 percent will leave a job that fails to provide leadership opportunities. Good management, open communication, leadership and team training provide younger team members with the tools to grow into strong future leaders, ensuring the continued excellence of your business.career advancement

The Best Strategies for Engaging Millennials

Employees in their 20s and 30s learn in different ways than older generations. Millennials understand how others in their own generation think. Adding millennial talent to your team gives your business inside information on how to best communicate with and engage younger clients.

For RV dealerships, having a member of the millennial generation in your corner provides insight into how millennials travel. A study by Harris Poll found that 78 percent of millennials crave vacations that offer memorable experiences. Millennial hires can help you convert their peers into customers with marketing plans and sales solutions that resonate with millennials both online and off.

Even when they are on the road, millennials stay connected to the services and products they need. Learn how to enhance your customer service for RV owners with extended hours, 24/7 protection, roadside assistance and technical expertise.

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