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retain employeesPutting together a really great team can involve a lot of work. Even once you’ve recruited the best candidates, you’ll spend time training and nurturing them, and making sure that they can work effectively with their colleagues.

It only makes sense, therefore, to try and retain your best employees for as long as possible. But – short of constantly upping their salary – what can you actually do to make sure that your workers won’t take off at the very first opportunity? Here are three ways you can ensure that you hold on to your best and brightest.

  1. Provide Perks

office perksPerks aren’t everything, but they are an astonishingly cheap and easy way of demonstrating to employees that they’re valued, as well as fostering a great working environment that they won’t want to leave behind. Employees particularly value extras that make their lives measurably easier, so lean more towards perks like a complimentary gym membership rather than the occasional free pretzel.

  1. Show Them That Their Input is Valued

valuable inputThe sense that they are doing something important and worthwhile is an immensely valuable thing to most employees. If you can make them feel as though their ideas are respected and that they are of value to their team, your workers are much more likely to stick around. Make sure to give them responsibilities, listen to their input, and give them the tools they need to actually make a difference in your company. Not only will you likely be rewarded with increased efficiency, but there’s also a good chance that they won’t be so quick to leave should the opportunity arise.

  1. Allow Them to Grow Within Your Company

career growthOne of the most common reasons employees leave a job is a lack of opportunities for advancement. When they feel as though there’s nowhere else for them to go in their current position, their only choice is to seek greener pastures elsewhere. To stop this from affecting your workforce, always keep in mind how you can help your employees grow within the company. Even if a promotion isn’t practical, you can still help your workers develop by providing on-the-job training, or helping them access courses and broaden their skillset. If they’re excited about progressing within your workplace, chances are they won’t be looking to move elsewhere.



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