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word of mouth tacticsIf you want to grow your business through word of mouth, it’s critical to treat customers like gold and provide excellent customer service. Leaving your customers with a positive experience will ensure they share their story with family and friends, and it’s a cheap and effective way to grow your business. Here are some highly productive tactics to consider when planning your word-of-mouth strategy.

Reward Loyalty

Rewards can be in the form of coupons, discounts, cash, exclusive content and even simple thank you notes. You want to make clients feel special and appreciated so they will refer your company to others.

Improve Customer Experience

improve customer experienceTreating your customers to a positive experience can come in many forms. A surprise or delightful tactic will leave your customers with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Those unexpected elements can take the form of a freebie at checkout or free samples while browsing. Invest in technology to provide immediate feedback on queries and complaints so your customers are not left in the dark. Remember that customers will not only refer your company after a positive experience, but they will also share negative experiences.

Engage With Influencers

When looking for influencers to engage with, choose those who have a large following, such as on social media (YouTube, bloggers), or existing customers. Reach out to journalists and engage in discussions so they will include your products or services into their content. Influencers want to know about great products, so ensure they know about yours.

Build an Engaged Social Community

engaged social communityOpen up social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to target and engage with your customers. Encourage them to like and share your posts and content and encourage them to leave reviews. Have discussions to gather feedback on their experiences and, above all, listen to them. In the end, what you want is for the social community to create buzz for your brand.

Connect to the Human Emotion

Market your product or service to appeal to people’s emotional needs. If it’s important for someone to have a sense of belonging, affiliate with people they want to aspire to. If it’s security, convey a message that they can pursue their goals. If they want to succeed in life, promote the idea that worth goes beyond financial or social-economic means. If they want to stand out from the crowd, promote your brand as being unique or special.

These techniques can be very effective in building and promoting your brand when used correctly. A word-of-mouth strategy should be high on your list of marketing campaigns. It’s also important to track the effectiveness of these campaigns to find out what works so your money isn’t spent on needless strategies.

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