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social lead generationOne of the biggest mistakes that business professionals make is assuming that social gatherings are off limits for business networking. The truth is that you can develop a steady stream of great leads when you master the art of social lead generation.

Generating Leads Within Your Family

You will find more people interested in what you do for a living within your own family than you will in any other group. All it takes is one conversation with Uncle Stan about your roadside assistance business and you will have relatives asking all kinds of questions. Your family is also the most likely group to refer your business to their friends, so it is important that you become comfortable with discussing business with family when the opportunity presents itself.family gathering

Being The Life Of The Party

People love jokes and funny stories when they are having a good time. You can be the life of the party and generate a lot of leads by always having funny stories to tell about your company. You will want to avoid stories that make your business look incompetent, and you will also want to avoid offending anyone. Funny stories about your business will get people to listen to you at parties and request more information on your business.

life of the party

Being A Social Lead Generating Machine

If you think about all of the attributes we have discussed, you can start to see the formation of a social lead generating machine. Funny stories would not only work at parties, but business luncheons and social gatherings.  A vibrant personality who is constantly finding appropriate ways to talk about their business will become an effective social lead generating machine.

Each day business professionals are presented with social situations that could turn into a steady stream of business leads. The difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is this: the successful ones know how to turn any social situation into a lead-generating event.

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