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determine brand identityIn modern digital marketing, branding is one of the most crucial factors in establishing long-term stability. Whether you are establishing your brand for the first time or “re-branding” due to ineffectiveness, the following questions will get you on the right track.

1. What Do We Stand For?

valuesThe primary question every brand must answer, regardless of industry, is what they stand for. If your branding strategy doesn’t start with your company values and what you believe in, your audience has no chance of meaningfully connecting with you. Being able to pinpoint your top brand values (e.g. reliability) and what you stand for (e.g. family-style service) will guide your decision-making in every area. Thus, knowing who you are streamlines the decision-making process.

2. What’s Our Specialty?

uniquenessIt may seem difficult separating yourself from other dealerships in your line of work. But without a doubt, something makes you unique. Along with your values, leading with what makes you unique is key. Often, your specialty will involve your “why.” So if you’re struggling to pinpoint your uniqueness, look back on your story or how you began. Surely, certain reasons or things that you wanted to provide will stand out. Once you realize those unique reasons, you can begin perfecting them and illuminating them in your marketing materials. Letting your audience know what you specialize in will help you attract the right customers who understand your brand. In addition, revealing some of your backstory will distinguish you in your customer’s mind, setting you apart from competitors.

3. Who Are We For?

target audienceMuch like revealing your specialty helps you attract an appropriate audience, knowing your target will help you aim straight for them. Rather than releasing generic content that could appeal to any RV owner, go deeper. Consider the core customers with whom you work best. Are they adventurous? Seeking relaxation? Single adults? Families? Any efforts to zone in on a specific target and get to know them will strengthen your brand. Once you know who your target is, you can start getting to know their unique needs, what kinds of content they respond to, and how to gain their trust.

So the first steps to developing a solid brand identity come down to knowing yourself and knowing your audience. Only with this information can you create a dialogue, a relationship, and ideally a lifelong customer. Knowing who you are allows you to lead with authenticity; knowing your customers teaches you to refine your services and meet their needs. These are the foundations of a brand identity.

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