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best keywordsIt’s simple enough to find long, comprehensive lists of keywords and phrases that Google and other search engines can use to define your website – but how do you avoid getting lumped in with hundreds of other websites using the very same ones? There are few simple methods to help your own site stand out in an online search.

Method One: Get Uber-Local

get localUse your business’ physical location to your benefit. Instead of focusing on “roadside assistance,” for example, localize that to “roadside assistance Phoenix.” Immediately, people searching for your service in Phoenix (or wherever you are located) will be either prompted to add the city into their search terms or given your business information automatically. This is the single easiest change to make in your keyword content plan and possibly the most important.

Method Two: Get Social

social mediaParticipating in social media networks is important as a way to build your brand but also as a way to stay up-to-date with your customers. Applications like HootSuite and Bottlenose can help you track consumer trends on social networks in terms of topic and language so you can stay ahead of the competition with your content. This is how daily news channels get their articles seen by tens of thousands of viewers every day; and very few businesses are taking advantage of this method!

Method Three: Combine Key Phrases with Long-Tail Keys

long-tail key phrasesThough including one important key phrase in your web copy is important, it is more effective to include two to three “long-tail keys” in each block of text. In addition to “RV roadside assistance,” you can also use secondary and tertiary phrases such as “RV roadside assistance Phoenix rentals” or “Phoenix rentals RV cheap.” Use these terms whenever appropriate. You can find long-tail key phrases related to your primary phrases as simply as by typing your primary words into Google Search and taking note of what the auto-fill shows you.

Following these three methods for content creation will put you ahead of your competition, most of whom have probably been using the same primary keywords for years. Get ahead with just a bit of tweaking!

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