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reviving a stalled saleThere’s nothing quite like the feeling of being so close to a sale and then all communication goes quiet. Not a call back, follow-up email, or even a text message. You don’t want to pester but you know that you have something they need. Maybe they’ve been swamped with other engagements. Or perhaps they feel that they can hold off on your service for a while. Many factors could be standing in the way of you and your leads, and these helpful tips will teach how to grab their attention back and land that sale.

Be Assertive

be assertiveYou’ve heard that saying ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ This profound statement is applicable in many ways, from owning a business to asking for that hard-earned raise. Most businesses love a person who confidently (and humbly) insists they’re the one for the job. In fact, a Harvard study suggests that being assertive has a positive effect on those around you, showing that you mean business while remaining your true self. Be the bird who sends a gentle reminder that you are the perfect person for the job. Remind them that your help will strengthen their weakness in the areas needed. Don’t be afraid of sending that gentle email reminder or follow-up phone call once a month. Most of the time, leads are just too busy to remember but grateful to have someone follow up with them.

Get Others Involved

get others involvedMany companies, big or small, have a crew of members that oversee particular elements of the business. Chances are that these sales will be discussed with the other members before being decided upon. That’s where you hit them with all of the information that will determine the sale. Coach the others as to where you fit in and how your service/product will assist with the efficiency of the company as a whole. This shows your tenacity and willingness to grow and acquaint yourself with the company, not just make a sale with the lead organizer.

Direct-Marketing Assurance

direct mailIn a fast-paced world where everyone is dependent upon that quick response, it’s nice to get that old-fashioned paper letter in your mailbox. A quick email can sometimes get overlooked, especially if your lead is being flooded with daily emails. A handwritten or typed email shows that you’re passionate about your service and you took the time to personally write.

Following up with leads can be tricky, intimidating, and sometimes discouraging. But remember why you were contacted by them in the first place and stand firm in your ability to give them what they’re lacking.

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