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Going viralFor bloggers and social media users, “going viral” is comparable to hitting the lottery. It appears to happen at random and certainly involves some degree of luck. Marketers, however, understand that there is a strategic formula behind viral content, photos and videos (along with a little luck). While following this formula does not guarantee that any content will go viral, it will improve your odds. Consider these five steps before hitting the submit button on your next post:

1. Avoid Negativity

One major trend in viral content is that most of them offer a positive and uplifting message. While there can be a serious underlying theme, your content will fare better if it is kept light or humorous.

2. Consider the Time

social media posting timeDepending on the schedules of your followers, there is an optimal time for posting. If you notice that your social media feeds are empty first thing in the morning, consider posting later in the day. By posting when your followers are active, you can ensure that it gets maximum exposure and does not get buried under endless updates.

3. Offer Useful Information

If the content you are posting is relevant to only a small group of people, you don’t have a chance at going viral. Useful information that appeals to a large number of people is key. This will ensure that people are compelled to share your content. In fact, 72% of people report that they are more likely to share content when they find that it is useful, fun or interesting.

4. Get Emotional

evoke emotionsEvoking a strong emotional response from readers is critical to going viral. The emotion can vary from joy to heartbreak, so long as it’s a powerful emotional reaction. Typically, this approach is most successful when the reader feels a sense of happiness though other emotions can prove to be just as effective. Keep in mind, however, that content which evokes anger or fear may make your post go viral for all the wrong reasons.

5. Stay Current

Chances of going viral with topics that revolve around old news or irrelevant matters are low. Keep an eye out for trending topics or those with high SEO potential and try to offer a unique perspective. This approach garners more attention from both readers and search engines alike.

By following this basic guideline, you are setting yourself up for success in creating a piece of viral content. While you may not see immediate results, it is important to keep in mind that everything must align perfectly in order to truly go viral in a digital world with endless content.





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