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Facebook Live to improve your businessFacebook is no stranger to businesses. In fact, businesses routinely use Facebook to start informal conversations with potential clients — conversations that are designed to come across as more than just business as usual. And now businesses have started making sales via their Facebook Live accounts.

Facebook Live is a streaming service that allows individuals and businesses alike to broadcast themselves in real time. Companies in particular can benefit from Facebook Live and work to improve their bottom line. One can see this from Facebook’s extensive user base of potential customers and list of social features.

The social network has more than one billion users in multiple countries, along with more than two billion monthly active users; it also made about $16 on each of those users in 2016. Clearly, the platform has a large population of users who have time on their hands and intend to be social. They visit the platform to see what their friends have going on, and to discover what news, events or products their friends show interest in. And on top of all this social activity, Facebook now offers Facebook Live to grow one’s followers. It focuses on allowing users to view videos from people outside of their normal social network. This gives businesses ample opportunity to reach current and potential clients for free.

comments, shares, likesThe newest part of the platform still contains the social network’s basic features — such as comments and likes — so users have the ability to message or react to a broadcast in real time. They can also follow the broadcaster to get notifications of new live broadcasts; this means businesses can run online events like webinars with little more than a cell phone and internet access.

Businesses can present information to viewers and collect contact information from users interested in details. Savvy business owners can also piggyback on live broadcasts related to their own business and leave a link to the company website after making a comment. The business owner could also like specific posts in order to pull user attention to their own page.

Companies with little time can outsource customer acquisition to current live broadcasters who have audiences actively purchasing their products. One recent article compared Facebook Live to a shopping channel, yet companies do not have to go through a third-party authority to reach a massive amount of users. And the best news is that anyone can use the process, even stay-at-home moms.

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