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Assist AmericaRVing is all about the adventure of exploring the great outdoors, but unfortunately even the most well planned trips encounter bumps in the road. Sometimes, the issue is minor and other times it can be completely disastrous. So how can you give your customers peace of mind that their families will be taken care of no matter what they encounter on their travels? How can you ensure that your customers can truly have a worry-free journey, confident that if something unexpected happens they will be provided for? The answer is simple: Coach-Net. Everyone knows that Coach-Net 24/7 Protect provides invaluable services such as unlimited towing, tire assistance, and battery boost for when they get stuck on the side of the road, but arguably the greatest benefit of our roadside assistance program is also our least well known. Coach-Net is here to assist your customers 24/7 with global medical emergency services.

We have partnered with a company called Assist America to ensure that our members are taken care of whether they are in their RV or not. With Assist America your customer can be exploring the open road in their RV, traveling abroad on a dream vacation, or enjoying the seas on a cruise – no matter where they are, if the member is more than 100 miles from their permanent residence Assist America is there for them. Like Coach-Net, Assist America is US based, they are 24/7, and they are eager to assist your customers during their times of greatest need.

Assist America provides the following:return of vehicle

  • emergency medical evacuation and transportation
  • vehicle return
  • pet assistance/return
  • medical referrals
  • hospital admission assistance
  • lost luggage assistance
  • pre-trip planning
  • legal referrals
  • and so much more

If you are seeking medical care in a foreign country and you’re having trouble navigating the language barrier, Assist America can help with their on-call translators. If you are injured and will be in the hospital for more than 7 days, Assist America will arrange and pay for a loved one to come be with you. Assist America even employs a team of in-house EMTs, nurses, and doctors which means that members can rest easy knowing that when they call Assist America they will receive proper medical care and treatment.

Many competitors will often charge a separate fee in order for their members to have access to global emergency services, but with Coach-Net your customers automatically receive this coverage included as part of the Coach-Net 24/7 Protect Premier Roadside Assistance Program. We believe in the immeasurable value of the services provided by Assist America and since everyone at Coach-Net is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible, we want to do everything we can to make sure your customers have global access to Assist America. That is why Assist America is included in every Premier membership. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind for your customers and their families, and it gives us peace of mind to know that Assist America will help our members anytime and anywhere in the world.

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