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Trade Show SuccessTrade shows can be overwhelming and exhausting – thousands of companies are vying for a crumb of attention. Here are three easy ways to hack the trade show and stand out in order to maximize your company’s returns.

1. Create Buzz Before the Trade Show

If you don’t make an effort to maximize marketing RV dealership opportunities before the trade show, chances are you’ll lose out on the potential customers who could have come by. Pre-show promotions are essential.

Try social media marketing strategies, press releases and even old-school personalized letters or emails to let people know where to find you at the show. Start a few weeks before your show dates to get folks thinking about — and talking about — your company or products.

2. Invest in the Right Staff Who Are Great Salespeople

Never choose just anyone from your company to stand in the booth during the event. This is a sure way to lose out on potential leads. You may or may not have staff who are used to dealing with an overwhelming amount of people or crowds. Pick the people who have experience in selling dealerships on site, or even hire staff for the day. Finding partners you can team up with just for trade events is one hack to finding people who can represent your products well.

Another secret of trade booths is to invest in the space on the floor, which gives you extra privacy for one-on-one consultations. If passersby show extra interest in you and your dealerships, you can have your sales-team speak with them more in-depth about it.

3. The Right Follow-Up Strategies

When the day is done, your strategy might have just begun. Maximizing your trade show means also focusing on post-follow-up efforts. Personal outreach, compiling contacts, making email lists and getting more leads are all part of this process. Don’t forget to leverage apps and technology, which can make the post-show networking and follow-up easier.

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