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Video Marketing in 2018If you run an RV dealership or are associated with one, you know it can sometimes be tough getting customers to sign up for roadside assistance. If you’re experiencing this problem, using video content in your sales process can increase customer engagement, information retention, sales representative credibility and, ultimately, conversion.

Video Increases Customer Engagement and Information Retention

Many companies today use content to educate and to inform their customers, and that’s great. However, with so much written content available, people have gone a bit blind to it. Video, on the other hand, still consistently engages potential customers. With a visual form like video, viewers are also more likely to remember the information they receive.

What does this mean? If an RV dealership adds video content specifically about roadside assistance, potential customers are simply more likely to view and engage with that information, as well as remember it after the video is over.

For the highest quantity of leads, the video should contain top-of-the-funnel information about your roadside assistance service.

Coach-Net RV dealers have sales videos available through your Coach-Net Resources.  To access these videos, simply log in to your Coach-Net portal account and click on “Resources”.

To learn more, read about lead generation through video here: https://wistia.com/blog/generate-leads-with-video.

Build Email Lists With Video

You can “gate” your video content by requiring a user to input his or her email address before viewing. While this will discourage some from viewing the content, the people who do take the extra step are more likely to be genuinely interested in your service (in this case, what benefits roadside assistance can provide). By building your email list through video content, you ultimately end up with the contact information for a group of people more likely to purchase your service.

For more information about how to capture contact information, read here: https://www.vidyard.com/blog/video-marketing-using-video-lead-generation.

Build Trust and Increase Credibility With Video

Whatever service your sales representatives are trying to sell — whether it’s a roadside assistance package or something else — trust is a key component of conversion. If a customer doesn’t trust your rep, a sale will be less likely. Video is the next best thing to face-to-face communication for building trust and credibility with your leads, and it can help establish that all-important personal connection that ultimately leads to sales.

For more ideas about how video can increase your close rate, read here: https://www.salesforce.com/blog/2014/03/sales-video-gp.html.


If your RV dealership puts out content to promote your services, that’s a great start! If you want to maximize the efficacy of those efforts, though, make sure you’re creating video content specifically. When you increase customer engagement, increased conversion often isn’t far behind.

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