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Browns RV SuperstoreRVing is all about embracing the serenity of the outdoors and enjoying quality time with family and friends. For over 30 years Brown’s RV Superstore in McBee, South Carolina has been the embodiment of these ideals. Barry Brown is the owner of Brown’s RV Superstore and he would arguably be the first to tell you how important it is to have your family surrounding you with support because he believes family is the number one reason his dealership is such a great success.

After years of experience in the car industry, Barry’s father opened up Brown’s RV Superstore in 1986. From that first day in 1986 to today, Brown’s has been family owned and operated. And even after 32 years Barry’s excitement about the industry and his passion for helping people has somehow only grown. He attributes their success to the hard work and dedication of every single person who works with him. Barry says their “top priority is to treat every person with respect,” but Coach-Net’s Stacy Fendley, Regional Sales Representative, says that she can tell you from personal experience that “every employee at Brown’s goes far beyond that standard. They don’t just treat you with respect; they treat you like family.”

And it is with that exact mindset of treating everyone like family, that Barry decided to include 1 year of Coach-Net 24/7 Protect on every unit they sell. Because Brown’s RV Superstore treats their customers like family, their safety is of the utmost importance. Barry wanted the “peace of mind” he said Coach-Net offers by knowing that when his family is out traveling on the road, he can rest assured they will be safe because Coach-Net will take care of them. And because every customer is treated like family, Barry wanted that same peace of mind for them. His advice for any new partners just getting started with Coach-Net is simple: “Use it. It’s a great product. Make sure that your customers know what Coach-Net is so that when they need help, they know who to call.”

Browns RV SuperstoreBrown’s RV Superstore just recently partnered with Coach-Net this last year. When Barry told us that he believed so strongly in our services that he had decided to embed one year of Coach-Net 24/7 Protect on every unit he sells, we returned a similar commitment by providing Brown’s RV Superstore with a “Dispatch Guarantee.” This means that even if a Brown’s RV Superstore customer calls in for assistance and for any reason does not appear registered in our system, Coach-Net will still take care of them – no questions asked. Barry committed to us and as a dedicated partner, we want to do everything we can to honor that commitment. And we are incredibly proud to announce that at this year’s Priority RV Network annual meeting, Brown’s RV Superstore received Coach-Net’s “Rookie of the Year” award. This award is given to the PRVN dealership that sells the most memberships within their first year of being partnered with Coach-Net.

Coach-Net allows his customers to have a “worry-free” experience when traveling in their RV, which Barry says is his favorite part of RVing. “Having Coach-Net allows me and my customers to relax so that we can enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors with family and friends.”

Thank you, Barry, for allowing us the privilege to serve you and your customers. Thank you and everyone at Brown’s RV Superstore, for being your customers’ connection to carefree RVing.

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