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recruiting loyal employeesIt seems that workers no longer stay with a company for life. Back during the years of the baby boomer, there were often employees who worked for the same company until retirement but in today’s society, that seems less likely.

According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, three million employees have left their job voluntarily every month since June 2017.

Loyal employees are the backbone of any company because they have more knowledge, there is less new employee training needed, and the company saves time in having to search for the right person — again.

Here are four steps to help you recruit loyal employees:

Promote From Within

Whenever possible, promote employees from within. Employees who have the ability to advance within the company are more likely to stay than those who feel that there is no clear future. Outside hires can also create animosity with those workers who have been loyal in the past.

Share the Perks

Something as small as free donuts on Fridays or a monthly company party may seem insignificant to some. But to many employees, these are the kind of perks that make their work life more fun. Sometimes the little things make a notable difference in how an employee feels about their employer.

Communication is Key

This may sound like a “given” but allowing your staff to feel as if their voices are being heard is a big deal. If an employee continues to voice their complaint about how something is being done without ever getting any feedback, they are going to be less likely to care. An open-door policy allows your staff to discuss important matters, while you also benefit from knowing more about what is going on within the business.


The workplace of the future allows for flexibility whenever possible. In fact, a white paper from the Sloan Center on Aging Work at Boston College indicates that flexible working can have a strong impact on employee retention. For instance, if someone in your staff can work remotely then consider allowing them to if it does not interfere with getting the job done.

These are just a few tips on hiring and retaining employees that are loyal and want to stay with your company.


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