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Traveland RVSometimes the best things in life are completely unplanned and utterly unexpected: getting a new job, receiving a surprise gift, or making a new friend. However, there are other times when things in life, which are unplanned and unexpected, can be the absolute worst … such as getting a flat tire. Chris Notarpole, National Account Manager with Coach-Net, recently had the privilege of speaking with another Chris in the RV industry. Chris Clarke, General Manager of Traveland RV Group, was quick to testify that in the world of RVing the unexpected can easily result in both “the best of times and the worst of times.” And it can often be the actions of just one person that determines whether your RV is a burden or a blessing. That is why Traveland RV Group and every single one of their employees is so incredibly dedicated to helping their customers. They understand the immense impact they have on their customer’s RV experience long after they have left the dealership.

Traveland RVTraveland RV Group is a large company, but their success is driven by one simple philosophy: caring. They care deeply about the level of service they provide and they truly care about their customers. With a 10 acre supercentre in Langley, British Columbia, a 5 acre site in Kelowna, British Columbia, and their most recent dealership located just north of Calgary in Alberta, Traveland RV Group is one of the largest RV dealerships in all of Canada. And while customer service is often sacrificed with the growth of many companies, Traveland RV Group has remained steadfast in their principles of service.

Clarke unexpectedly found himself in the RV industry 14 years ago and he considers himself incredibly lucky to work with such a great group of people. Just last year, Traveland RV Group received a hard earned, yet unexpected blessing. They were awarded the Jayco Founders Award which is bestowed upon a dealership that diligently delivers exceptional customer service. Traveland RV Group and all of their employees are dedicated to providing the highest level of support possible for their customers. And because they know to expect the unexpected, we are proud to say that Traveland awards Coach-Net the privilege to support their customers.

According to Chris Clarke, “While many events RVers encounter can be unplanned, they are not unforeseen. And that is why Coach-Net is so valuable to both ourselves and our customers.” Being able to call Coach-Net for help 24/7 can quickly turn an inconvenient situation into an enjoyable experience. Frequently, the issues that customers struggle with can be easily resolved via a quick phone call. “Our team is incredibly knowledgeable and we are always eager to help our customers, but we’re not always immediately available.” Because Clarke and everyone else at Traveland RV Group wants their customers to always have instant access to help, they tell them to call Coach-Net.

Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Coach-Net’s Chris Notarpole explains, “When Traveland, and other dealerships throughout the United States and Canada are closed, we are ready and waiting to help their customers. They can speak to one of our RVIA & RVDA certified and manufacturer trained technicians anytime, day or night.” So whether they experience an unexpected breakdown and need a tow, or after an exhausting day of travel they suddenly discover their water heater is not working, Coach-Net is always available to help. Coach-Net work’s as extension to Traveland RV Group and other dealerships like them to ensure that their customers enjoy the highest quality of care.

Chris Clarke’s advice to any dealerships looking to partner with Coach-Net is “you can sell Coach-Net 24/7 Protect to your customers with confidence in all of the benefits you’re providing them.” Everyone at Coach-Net is honored that Traveland RV Group trusts us to deliver the same superior service which their dealership is well-known for providing. Clarke knows that the best part of RVing is “enjoying quality time with family and friends.”  And because Traveland trusts Coach-Net, it means that Clarke and everyone else at Traveland can deliver exceptional service to their customers while they’re RVing with family and friends, without sacrificing time with their own personal loved ones. Knowing that our partners can relax with their families because they are confident their customers are safe and happy is just another unexpected blessing for everyone at Coach-Net. Thank you, Chris and everyone else at Traveland RV Group, for being your customer’s connection to carefree RVing.

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